Trailblazer Moment: Investing in Canada's Future

Trailblazer Moment: Investing in Canada's Future

Salesforce Ventures is excited to announce our Canada Trailblazer Fund, a $100 million fund to invest in Canadian startups and fuel cloud innovation and customer success in the region. This fund will support entrepreneurs building companies on the Salesforce Platform and creating technologies to deliver unique capabilities to Salesforce customers. Why are we so excited about Canada? Over the past few decades, Canada has cultivated a startup culture with government-backed funding, incubators, tax incentives, and even special startup visas, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in tech startups and funding in the region. Salesforce Ventures has watched this innovative community grow firsthand. We have supported Canadian startups since 2011, with 7 investments in Canada including Vidyard. Learn more:
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