Salesforce for Growing Small & Medium Business Keynote

Salesforce for Growing Small & Medium Business Keynote

Small and Medium businesses are nimble and can quickly adapt to the changing expectations of their customers. But businesses looking to grow can't scale how they deliver amazing experiences using spreadsheets and disparate point solutions. Hear from customer trailblazers  to see how Salesforce helps them solve the challenges they face today and prepare for the growth they expect tomorrow. You'll be amazed how easy it is to grow your business with a platform that scales as you need it!


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Jamie Domenici VP CSG Marketing, Salesforce
Nelson Haung Product Marketing Manager,, Salesforce
Bart Houlahan Co-Founder, B Lab
Philip Krim Co-Founder & CEO, Casper
Hana Mandapat Director, ISV Marketing, Salesforce
Matthew Reintjes President and CEO, YETI

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