Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Event Conversion Rates and ROI
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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Event Conversion Rates and ROI

Odds are you’ve faced the challenges of a tighter marketing budget and felt the
pressure of needing to know which events generate the most revenue. Join Victor
Kippes, CEO at Validar Inc., in a discussion on top “tips and tricks” to know the revenue
impact of your event content and strategies. You’ll learn best-in- class lead and data
capture practices and delve into pre-event preparatory steps to take with your Sales
Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Marketing Automation foundation. This session will help
insure that your post event attendee treatment aligns with what happened at your event
and accelerates the buying cycle. Most event marketers do not get appropriate credit for their hard work.This session will help you to articulate your value.
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