Solve for Customer and Employee Needs Through Accessibility

Solve for Customer and Employee Needs Through Accessibility

In the U.S., 15% of people have a mobility impairment, 16.8% suffer from hearing loss, and 9% have a visual impairment. The #SalesforceOhana is a large ecosystem, and together with our customers and partners we have unparalleled influence and ability to make great change for people with disabilities. Join the conversation and share how your organization provides an excellent customer experience for people with disabilities, such as our Service Support Providers offered at Dreamforce for disabled guests who need assistance getting around. At Dreamforce 2016, we're celebrating equality for all of our employees, customers, and partners with a series of sessions curated by the Salesforce Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) aka Salesforce Ohana Groups. These sessions bring us the worldview of various facets of our diverse community and provide a chance for all of us to learn more about each other.
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