Org Lifecycle Management: Empowering Admins

Org Lifecycle Management: Empowering Admins

As Salesforce orgs become more complex, governance and change management are more important than ever - and admins are at the center of those processes! 
We will teach Admins to manage the entire Org Lifecycle Management process and business application ecosystem.
Topics include: working with developer teams to get the best results; managing multiple sandboxes and code/config promotion flows; creating policies that ensure auditable change accountability; providing appropriate (and limiting) user access to sandbox metadata and data; ensuring integration validation; performing user acceptance testing and training; and providing internal support to your users. We will also cover ways to be an even bigger rockstar at your company by coordinating user management across all the systems your company uses. Above all, we will teach you how to respond when you are asked to make certain configuration changes directly in production - always follow the governance process!
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