Salesforce Magic for the Everyday Admin (2)

Salesforce Magic for the Everyday Admin (2)

Join us to learn some Salesforce magic. This session is all about small tricks with big impact - as timesavers or clever ways to drive results and user adoption. We know you want to see lots of ideas without getting halted by hotel Internet, so we'll deliver our magic lightning fast with just a few slides per trick. Each tip will first setup the problem and then we'll pull the rabbit out of the hat with a clever solution. We'll look at some oldies-but-goodies such as the Power of One, as well as some new Lightning wizardry. Our tips are geared towards beginning to intermediate admins who know their way around the setup menu. We'll feature some nonprofit use cases, but everything will be applicable to for-profits as well. You'll be itching to setup these tricks back at your hotel rooms because they're just that easy.
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