Bridging the Trust Gap in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Bridging the Trust Gap in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to PwC’s Global CEO Survey, sixty-nine percent of CEOs believe it is harder for businesses to gain – and retain – trust in today's digital landscape. If this can be accomplished however, ninety-five percent of customers say they are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust, as reported in Salesforce's State of the Connected Customer. While it may be obvious that being trusted by customers is important, companies often struggle with how to simultaneously deliver personalized customer experiences through use of customer's personal data.

Join Nicholas Davis, Head of Society and Innovation and an Executive Committee Member at the World Economic Forum, and Simon Mulcahy, Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce, as they discuss:

- When customers are happy for you to use their data - and when are they not
- How businesses can find a balance between privacy and personalization
- What companies can do to be trusted by their customers

This exciting discussion is perfect for IT and Customer Service/Experience leaders who are looking to foster customer trust and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Nicholas Davis is the Head of Society and Innovation as well as a member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. Throughout his career, he has worked with governments, multinational firms, and civil society organizations to discuss global challenges and collaborate on their solutions. At the World Economic Forum, he is responsible for the engagement and strategy of civil society communities and is also working on a cross-cutting analysis of "The Fourth Industrial Revolution", in which links emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, innovation and forward-looking public policy.

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