Philanthropy Cloud Keynote: Transform Your Corporate Giving Culture
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Philanthropy Cloud Keynote: Transform Your Corporate Giving Culture

Want to know how purpose can drive your business and your community? Join’s CEO Rob Acker and EVP Nasi Jazayeri as they walk us through the most compelling idea to ever hit workplace giving. Philanthropy Cloud is where companies and nonprofits engage to serve their communities in a brand new marketplace. Learn how Sprint and adidas are driving meaningful impact in their communities in partnership with United Way. And be prepared to hear from your favorite Hall-of Famer Football duo who are joining us on stage to talk about the world of good they are doing in their communities. If you love helping communities AND business succeed, claim your spot today - this one won't last. 

***If you love helping communities succeed, claim your spot today! Register now and join us to receive limited edition swag or a chance to donate to your favorite cause. Show your philanthropic heart loud & proud at Dreamforce! ***
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