The Role Technology Plays in Disaster Relief
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The Role Technology Plays in Disaster Relief

AmerisourceBergen connects the healthcare industry, delivering about 1/3 of the drugs within the United States. With more than $146 billion in annual revenue and ranked #11 on the Fortune 500 list, AmerisourceBergen plays a hugely important role in ensuring that the right medicines and drugs get to those in need. AmerisourceBergen is a long time client of both IBM, Bluewolf, and Salesforce, and Erin Horvath, Sr. VP of Distribution discusses the role technologies like Salesforce play in disaster relief. After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico last year, Amerisource used data and forecasting tools from Salesforce and their ERP to ship and safely store urgent temperature-sensitive drugs such as insulin to the region after much of the area’s supplies were ruined by a loss of refrigeration during the storm.

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