Trailblazers in Government: State of Arizona

Trailblazers in Government: State of Arizona

The Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (ASET) Office provides strategic direction and shared services to over 130 state of Arizona agencies, operating under a federated model. Over the years, IT project submissions and strategic planning discussions were conducted manually, greatly limiting collaboration and IT innovation throughout the state. Through the use of Service Cloud and Communities, ASET was able to streamline workflows, provide an improved customer experience, and accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies statewide. ASET now interacts with all 130 state agencies through a community portal, while capturing and analyzing data in one place. Join us on the Dreamforce stage as State Chief Strategy Officer, Doug Lange and IT Business Analysis Manager, Jennifer Quintero, share insights and best practices about how the state of Arizona is saving millions of dollars and accelerating IT innovation as a result of an automated workflow platform powered by Salesforce.
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