DataWeave: Less Code, Fewer Bugs, More Fun(ctions) (2)

DataWeave: Less Code, Fewer Bugs, More Fun(ctions) (2)

Transforming data between systems can be difficult and error-prone. Traditionally, it takes a lot of code to parse, transform, and serialize data from one system to another. This issue is compounded when the systems do not communicate using the same data format, or when their core structures differ completely (e.g. nested JSON objects transformed into flat CSVs). AnyPoint Platform's DataWeave is a powerful data-format agnostic transformation language that deals with this complexity behind the scenes, so developers can focus on transformation logic. It provides the functionality and expressiveness to develop complex transformations with less code and fewer bugs. In this talk you will be introduced to the DataWeave language and learn about specific aspects of the language that allows developers to create concise, consistent, and predictable data transformations.
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