Imagine It Forward

Imagine It Forward

We often hear of companies “transforming”, but what does it really mean in this day and age? The ones that are successful prepare for change, know where to innovate, and maintain exceptional customer service. Join Beth Comstock, former Vice Chair of GE and Author of Imagine It Forward, and Meredith Schmidt, EVP and GM of Essentials at Salesforce as they discuss:

- How companies big and small can reinvent themselves in this rapidly changing world.
- The focus areas businesses should prioritize when undergoing a transformation.
- How to tackle change management and get buy-in from stakeholders.

Beth Comstock is one of the World's Most Powerful Women, according to Forbes and Fortune, and was the Vice Chair of GE, the first woman ever to hold the post. Beth is an expert on digital transformation, culture change, innovation and trendsetting and has worked for companies including GE, NBC, CBS, and CNN. Beth is also the author of the book, Imagine It Forward.
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