How Far Will the Next Generation Take Technology?

How Far Will the Next Generation Take Technology?

Artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and automation already influence the way companies connect with employees and customers. How will post-millennials use online communities to work, communicate, shop, and innovate? How far will the next generation take technology? 

Join Mike Walsh, futurist and CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century, as he discusses:

• Why customer expectations have never been higher — and why they’ll keep rising.
• Why companies who target post-millennials will need to move beyond traditional forms of marketing and communication. 
• Why these companies will have to practice radical transparency — and hold no secrets.

Watch this webcast to help identify the technological and human behaviors that will transform your customer, employee, and partner relationships. Peter Schwartz, Futurist and SVP of Strategic Planning, Salesforce, will host this discussion.
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