Next Generation Workforce Panel

Next Generation Workforce Panel

Next Generation Workforce Panel with Dr. Brandon Nicholson, Heather Hiles, & Oscar Munoz

Executives aren’t just thinking about their business today, but what’s coming down the road, and how to stay ahead of the game — particularly when it comes to acquiring, retaining, and advancing talent. Meanwhile, the next generation has established a new set of expectations for their employers: they are seeking purpose-driven work, expect to learn on-the-job, and are demanding a more diverse workplace. In this session, we’ll bring together some of today’s top business and education leaders, moderated by a member of the next gen workforce, to discuss topics like attracting and retaining diverse talent, engaging employees, and the changing nature of work. Join Dr. Brandon Nicholson, Founding Executive Director of the The Hidden Genius Project, whose work focuses on the diversity gap in today’s workforce; Heather Hiles, President & CEO of Calbright College, California’s new online community college focused on skill building and credentials for in-demand jobs; and Oscar Munoz, President & CEO of United Airlines, a company focused on innovative solutions to enhance opportunity and diversity among employees. This compelling discussion will leave current and future leaders with a better sense of how to succeed in the ever-changing workplace -- and how best to prepare their businesses for the future.
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