Blockchain: Virtual Credential and Diploma Certification System for Education

Blockchain: Virtual Credential and Diploma Certification System for Education

ISDI has developed a solution that integrates Salesforce and Blockchain in order to permanently store the student Electronic Academic Records. This communication between Salesforce and a distributed database like Blockchain provides a solution to safely certificate any kind of student credentials (attendance, grades, activities, diplomas, ...) resulting in a trustworthy way of backing the digital track of any student at ISDI. Moreover, this solution allows ISDI to define rules in Salesforce that generate custom student badges that are later on automatically also stored in Blockchain so they can be easily shared and validated by anyone -- resulting in the generation of trust and at the same time offering a gamification process for the whole ISDI ecosystem. In addition, the Blockchain project is enabling our ISDI brand to grow based on Trust and Transparency with our students, our customers, our stakeholders and the entire digital economy. This integration also leverages the capabilities of Salesforce Communities to make the credentials visible to the students via a private portal. Key Take Aways: 
1/ Salesforce Integration with Blockchain. 
2/ Student Records as a Gamification Tool.
3/ Blockchain project as a core Brand Asset.
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