Leveraging the Power of Technology to Tackle the World's Toughest Challenges

Leveraging the Power of Technology to Tackle the World's Toughest Challenges

Our world is facing some of the greatest humanitarian challenges of our time ? from hunger crises, to weather-related disasters to the largest number of displaced families in our recent history. At the same time, technology advancements are impacting the world in significant ways and at speed, posing both risks and opportunities for our interconnected world. In this session, Alan Donald, Chief Technology Officer at Mercy Corps, will discuss the power of technology, and the critical role he believes it can play in helping social change organizations like Mercy Corps deliver aid faster, better and to more people around the world, and ensure the world?s most vulnerable don?t get further left behind. Audience: This session could be of particular interest to executives and other senior leaders at companies looking to better understand the practical and ground tested ways in which technology can be leveraged for good. Key learnings the audience will take away from this session include: Top challenges and opportunities technology brings to the humanitarian sector and the world. Practical examples of how emerging technologies are already being used to address humanitarian challenges. The importance of cross-sector partnership for the success of private, public and humanitarian sectors and how leaders can be a champion within their own organizations in leveraging technology for good
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