How to Use Salesforce to Engage Your Supporters

How to Use Salesforce to Engage Your Supporters

In this session, you'll learn how best to utilize Salesforce to share information, create a common language among your team, and propel your fundraising to the next level. Experienced professionals will share their battle stories so you don't make the same mistakes.
We will show you how we measure and track everything in Salesforce.
We've found that by pulling in various "soft" touchpoints, we were able to retain, understand, and upgrade donors at a higher rate. 
We'll show you how to let tools work for you. We will highlight our tremendously successful online sustainer program. Our monthly (sustainer) program represents roughly half our online revenue and half our active giving file. Most of this program is run through automated messaging with very little staff time. 
Finally, we'll show you how we use Salesforce dashboards and reports to create a common language for groups across the organization to measure performance. We've utilized dashboards to bridge the conversations from "my donors" and "my programs" to "how does our revenue create IMPACT in the communities we serve?"
Come away from this session with real tools for leveraging your Salesforce org to grow your revenue and your supporters.
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