Use The Force: Turn Donors into Major Donors

Use The Force: Turn Donors into Major Donors

You have a large database full of potential Major Gift Jedi Masters. How do you figure out who those potentials are? It's simple- use the Force. With the power of Salesforce Reports and workflows, Major Gift management can be easy- and can prove to an organization whether or not they have the right approach. To qualify which of the constituents in your database represent likely major donors, the DonorSearch App focuses in on the most predictive markers of a supporter to gauge both capacity and inclination to give. Prospects can then be segmented into Prospect Management pipelines using Salesforce Reports, and now we're ready to roll. Become the Jedi you were meant to be- master new tricks to easily pinpoint new major giving prospects without leaving the Salesforce platform. Hear real-life results of incoming one-time donors converting to major donors. Attendees will walk away knowing how to use Salesforce workflows to quickly and efficiently identify new major gift donors, what the most predictive markers of a future major gift donor are, and how to leverage those predictive markers and reports inside of Salesforce to identify future likely major gift donors. Fear is the path to the Dark Side- so get confident in your Prospect Research and Management processes today!
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