CIO Panel on Governance and a Single Org Strategy

CIO Panel on Governance and a Single Org Strategy

Join a panel of four leading CIOs in higher education who have blazed a trail with a single Salesforce organization to improve the applicant, student, donor, alumni, and faculty experience. Hear how Georgetown University, Babson College, University of San Francisco, and Arizona State University tackled the issue of project governance, and how their communities have governed data, access, security, and setting priorities for development and roadmapping. These CIOs will discuss these challenges and share insights on how they are tackling them within their Universities. 
Moderator: Geoff Witham, Salesforce 
Panelists: Judd Nicholson VP and CIO Georgetown University; Phillip Knutel, Ph.D. Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Babson College; Opinder Bawa, CIO University of San Francisco; Lev Gonick, CIO, Arizona State University
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