Serving an Alumni Data API via Salesforce and Mulesoft

Serving an Alumni Data API via Salesforce and Mulesoft

When Georgetown set out to serve applications to the entire university from a single Salesforce org, we did so knowing there would be architectural challenges but that the potential gains we would make in application services would be worth the work. After two years since go-live, we can share the lessons learned regarding using Mulesoft to integrate with our student, human resources and finance systems, as well as how those integrations enable us to offer microservices to our users such as our Alumni API. By combining our Salesforce data with the extra muscle of Mulesoft, our users can now call for structured, up-to-date data on demand to extend to their own applications. If you are interested in seeing how distributed organizations like universities and non-profits with regional offices can leverage Salesforce for secure, nimble data distribution using Salesforce and Mulesoft, please attend! 

Topics covered: 
- Batch Apex
- Mulesoft integration to SQL 
- Mulesoft REST API 
- Mulesoft Salesforce Authentication via Connected App
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