Digital-first Relationship Management Fundraising Approach with NPSP

Digital-first Relationship Management Fundraising Approach with NPSP

Taglit Birthright Israel is the largest educational tourism organization in the world, which offers a free trip to Israel for young Jewish adults and transforming the Jewish future around the world. Since 1999 more than 700,000 participants from 67 countries took part in the Birthright Israel educational program where they met with over 100,000 Israelis who participated with them. Birthright Israel is funded by the Jewish community around the world, Israel government and major philanthropists - each provides around a third out of our $120M annual budget. It is a great task to engage prospects and donors and fundraise around the globe. Understanding the nowadays prospects and donors, and their need for personalization, information, one-click donation and digital engagement has led Birthright Israel to a global digital-first fundraising transformation. The only platform that enabled a quick time to market and the most customized fundraising journey experiences, with multi-cultural approaches is Pardot. With a very reasonable investment Birthright Israel using the Salesforce NPSP and Pardot tools has increased the donor base coming from digital by 20% which led to a significant increase in the fundraising budget and enabled engaging worldwide market without any physical Birthright Israel presence. Over and above, Salesforce NPSP enables Birthright Israel to perfect the major donors' relationship management by using the Moves Management approach. All the sensitive information about the donors is centralized in one place which enables to better cultivate, solicit and steward our philanthropists. In this session, we will cover the best of NPSP for managing major donors and best of Pardot for multi-cultural digital fundraising.
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