How to Automate Moments of Delight for the Digital Donor

How to Automate Moments of Delight for the Digital Donor

With the rise of the experience economy, today's donors expect Fortune 500 level interactions from nonprofits that are functioning with significantly smaller teams and budgets. How can a nonprofit create consistent trailblazing experiences for donors and at the same time, prevent burnout amongst their employees? In this session, you'll hear from Atlanta Mission and Classy on how to combine the power of Salesforce and Classy to automate personalized moments for the digital donor that lead to lifetime relationships. Since 2015, Atlanta Mission has seen revenue growth of nearly 30%. Much of their fundraising success is attributed to high impact donor experiences. Atlanta Mission will share their top 5 most valuable automations utilizing Classy, NPSP, and Pardot that have helped power this growth. Attendees will learn how to implement similar automation strategies in their own giving programs. Top Takeaways: 
--Creating a reliable 360-degree view of your donors through integrated processes 
--Automating personalized online donor journeys that grow engagement and generosity 
--Using workflows to build brand loyalty with meaningful in-home experiences
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