From Field Data Collection to Impact Insights: Use Salesforce to Track SDGs

From Field Data Collection to Impact Insights: Use Salesforce to Track SDGs

In March 2016, the UN identified a global indicator framework comprising 232 indicators to monitor the SDGs' 169 targets. This framework plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accountability in the 2030 Agenda, and for monitoring progress towards the SDGs. Yet organizations globally are bogged down by manual data entry, a mix of spreadsheets and paper, and antiquated databases that make it nearly impossible to get an accurate and timely understanding of progress in the most challenging environments. The BOMA Project's mission is to help women in the drylands of Africa overcome extreme poverty. BOMA's gender-focused poverty intervention program also takes into account and addresses the multiple, interlinking causes and consequences of extreme poverty, such as food insecurity, lack of access to education and health for girls and women in remote and under-resourced regions. With support from a Force For Change grant, the BOMA Project and Vera Solutions developed a Performance Insights system using Salesforce and TaroWorks, which allows field teams to enter and upload data using mobile tablets for real-time evaluation and response--focusing on SDGs 1, 2 and 5 (ending poverty, hunger, and gender inequality, respectively). Now The BOMA Project can see at a glance how its participants are doing and pivot program activities to ensure success. Join us for a live demo to see the power of Salesforce in action and how you can use it to power progress on the SDGs you?re working towards -- from collecting data in areas of little to no connectivity with TaroWorks to tracking indicators and outcomes for instant oversight of program impact with Amp Impact to reporting on results with powerful Analytics. All on a single platform.
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