The new normal demands a new way to work.

Get the purpose-built apps, expert advice, and training you need to build trust and stay resilient.

Establish workplace resilience by safeguarding employee health and wellness

Build customer and employee trust to jumpstart business growth

Boost healthcare and community responsiveness now and for future crises

Create modern employee experiences to treat employees like customers


Today's new normal demands clear safety standards, workplace readiness, and trust from employees and customers. brings together the products and guidance you need to make it happen.


Protect employees and customers with safer workplaces.

Use our Workplace Command Center to quickly take action from a single hub. Whether that's checking on the status of Wellness Checks or updating arrival times with Shift Management, keep employee and workplace safety top of mind. Help employees adapt to new ways of working and acquire new skills with myTrailhead. Track employee health relationships safely and securely with manual Contact Tracing capabilities.

We are using Salesforce’s solutions as a springboard for a healthier community, supporting student mental health and well-being, reviewing and reworking social issues around diversity and inclusion, and preparing our university to handle any number of different future scenarios.”


Treat your employees like customers.

Keep employees engaged and productive with our Employee Concierge solution. Enhance productivity and collaboration with Employee Workspace. Empower employees to take charge and quickly get answers with our Employee Helpdesk. Streamline issue resolution and keep digital devices secure, compliant, and updated from anywhere with IT Service Center.


One of the ways Deloitte was able to respond to COVID-19 was with EngageNow, an employee communications and engagement hub powered by Salesforce technology. As our needs evolve, the platform easily adapts, which is critical as we adjust to this new normal.”


Build trust and jumpstart business growth — fast.

Protect customers and employees by eliminating physical lines across brick and mortar locations with virtual Queue Management. Use our Broadcast Messaging solutions to proactively reach customers and employees faster with actionable updates on the channels where you know you’ll find them. And clearly communicate your compliance with health and safety best -practices, at a local level on any digital property, with customizable Digital Trust Cards.

Keep your community healthy and responsive.

Respond to any crisis quickly using our Emergency Response Management solution to allocate health, public sector, or private sector resources faster and more efficiently. Securely implement Contact Tracing and Vaccine Administration Management programs at scale.

We implemented a new Return to Work offering for our clients — including self-assessments, virtual consultation, contact tracing, and employee engagement tools. We’re glad we have an innovative partner like Salesforce that helps us develop clinical offerings in a matter of days!”


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