Get out of your own way, in four steps

Check out the Owning Your Experience model to learn how to shift from a "below the line" mindset to one of openness, play, and creativity.

Clay Stelzer

April 4, 2019

If maintaining a creative mindset is critical to innovation, it's helpful to have the right emotional intelligence tools. The Owning Your Experience model introduces a four-step process to help you shift from a mindset of seriousness and fear to one of openness, play, and creativity.

I'm better equipped and more confident in confronting interpersonal conflicts.”

Owning Your Experience User

Download the Owning Your Experience Workbook

Learn more and practice using this four-step model to shift to a mindset of openness, play and creativity.


About Clay Stelzer

Clay is a Director of Leadership Coaching at Salesforce. He helps teams maximize their collective potential by teaching and facilitating the methods of conscious leadership and relationship systems coaching.

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