Einstein Copilot

Empower every employee to do more with Einstein Copilot (beta), your conversational AI for CRM. Sales, service, commerce, and marketing teams can get work done faster and focus on what’s important, like spending more time with your customers. All with the help of a trusted advisor — right in the flow of work.

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See what makes Einstein Copilot possible.

What can Einstein Copilot do for your business?

Empower teams to get work done faster.

Change how your people work for good with Einstein Copilot, built into the flow of work for any application, employee, and department. Engage your AI assistant with questions and instructions, and receive trusted and actionable responses. Help employees with out-of-the-box actions that complete business tasks like creating a custom close plan for top opportunities, providing customers with answers informed by your knowledge base, and more. Einstein Copilot makes work better so employees can focus on customers.

Deploy conversational AI with built-in trust.

Build and customise actions that guide the way your copilot works. Generate a new product promotion, route cases through approvals and more. Einstein Copilot interacts with the large language model (LLM) guided by the Einstein Trust Layer to generate and execute an actionable and relevant plan. Einstein Copilot generates accurate and trusted responses in natural, understandable language that are grounded in your CRM and external data.

How can you adapt Einstein Copilot to your business?

Extend a unified copilot with clicks, not code.

Configure and manage a single AI assistant for your unique business needs. Expand what your AI assistant can do by creating custom actions that invoke flows, apex code, prompts, and MuleSoft APIs. Provide your copilot with precise instructions to seamlessly execute tasks and quickly accomplish any job.

Robert Marusi, Chief Commercial Officer, Turtle Bay Resort

With Einstein Copilot our service teams will be able to quickly handle requests, from generating replies to suggesting activities. It will make our teams more efficient, letting us prioritise the guest experience.

Robert Marusi
Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Turtle Bay Resort
Rob Vatter, EVP of Enterprise Platform Service

Utilising the power of the Einstein 1 Platform, Cognizant aims to enhance productivity and streamline their sales process with tools like Einstein Copilot.

Rob Vatter
EVP of Enterprise Platform Service, Cognizant

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Einstein Copilot FAQ

Salesforce Einstein Copilot is a conversational AI assistant integrated into the Salesforce Platform designed to enhance user productivity by providing AI-driven suggestions and automating routine tasks within the Salesforce ecosystem.

A reasoning engine is an AI system that mimics human grade decision-making and problem-solving capabilities based on certain rules, data, and logic.

Einstein Copilot's reasoning engine interacts with a large language model (LLM) by analysing the full context of the user's prompt, determining the actions or series of actions to use, and generating the output.

Einstein Copilot is available in beta globally and currently supports data residency in the United States and the English language.

Einstein Copilot is available in beta and has limited functionality. To learn more, see list of helpful considerations and known limitations.