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Slack is the AI-powered platform for work

Slack brings conversations, collaboration, and automation together with trusted AI, right where you're already working. Empower your teams to speed up processes and deliver big results, from the back office to the road, with customer data and insights at their fingertips.

The world's most innovative, fastest growing companies run on Slack.


Meet the future of AI-powered work

Slack is where work happens for teams that move fast, stay aligned, and achieve the impossible for their companies. And now, Slack is the natural conversational interface for trusted AI that boosts productivity for every employee, right in the flow of work.

Screenshots representing 2,600+ apps and integrations, low code apps and the no-code workflow builder

Accelerate work with AI and automation.

Anyone can automate everyday tasks without writing a single line of code thanks to the drag-and-drop simplicity of Workflow Builder. Integrate workflows and automation into Slack from over 2,600 enterprise apps. Surface relevant insights with Slack AI in channels and threads, all on Slack’s trusted platform.

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Share and search data and knowledge.

Escape your inbox by bringing the right people into the right conversations in Slack channels organised around topics. Channels naturally build a useful collection of all your conversations and data that’s accessible with AI-powered search to find what you need instantly. Expand into new ways to organise and share information directly in Slack.

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Collaborate and engage with everyone, anywhere.

Instead of scheduling yet another meeting, Huddles allows you to reach out and collaborate with anyone spontaneously with voice, video, screen share, drawing, and markup. Keep your dispersed team up to date by recording short async video updates with Clips. Lastly, Slack Connect empowers you to engage with your customers and external partners securely to move projects forward faster.

Screenshots representing an intuitive developer experience and workflows.

Build the future of work today with the Slack Platform.

Slack's AI-ready platform is designed to give everyone flexibility to deploy custom solutions and experiment with generative AI tools in a trusted environment, with enterprise security built in. Looking for even more flexibility? Slack API enables developers to write custom apps and workflows with modular, reusable elements, and host them on Slack’s infrastructure.

Sell faster by bringing your people, processes and Sales Cloud data together in Slack. Keep teams focused on selling and speed up wins with real-time deal alerts, automated workflows, and easy CRM updates from anywhere, on any device.

Supercharge productivity with Slack Sales Elevate.

Sell faster by bringing your people, processes and Sales Cloud data together in Slack. Keep teams focused on selling and speed up wins with real-time deal alerts, automated workflows, and easy CRM updates from anywhere, on any device.

See how Slack and the Einstein 1 platform transform how your people get work done.

Angelo Maria Berbano

We have around seven legacy airline systems that we need to get a flight off the ground. Flight systems don't generally work well with other systems. But with Slack’s powerful API, we can stream updates from our legacy systems straight into Slack.

Angelo Maria Berbano
Director of Operations Systems, Cebu Pacific Air

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Slack FAQ

Slack is the AI-powered platform for work that unlocks your organisation’s full potential with AI, data and CRM. Slack goes beyond chat and video collaboration, empowering teams to automate any process with no code, find and share relevant data and knowledge, and engage with AI in a trusted and flexible conversational platform.

Slack fundamentally transforms the way teams work, with a new kind of productivity that's focused on business outcomes. By bringing together people, tools, and data, teams can unlock their potential to perform at a new level. In Slack, everyone can tap into the power of automation and AI, and find answers faster across conversations, content and data from connected apps, all in a modern conversational experience that keeps everyone engaged.

Salesforce is Slack’s parent company and there are 40+ native Salesforce and Slack integrations purpose-built for all of the Salesforce Clouds. The most popular Salesforce integrations with Slack are for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Slack integrates to Salesforce clouds via integrations. Slack is an add-on product that is not part of the Salesforce standard subscription. To learn how to access Slack, please refer to our pricing plan.

Slack helps companies transform their processes without the need for heavy IT involvement or systems integration. Slack customers report that their teams are more productive, sales teams increase their win rate, and customer service teams resolve issues faster. And now, Slack AI is giving companies a trusted space to safely deploy AI in the context of everyday work.