[With Salesforce], the productivity of our field is high double digits.

Greg Keeley | EVP, Global Corporate Payments, American Express
Fanatical leaders keep a firm grasp of this leading indicator, and can break it down by average size or length of sales cycle with one touch. They can drill down fast too — from overall book of business to their products, divisions, and teams.
Who on your teams is in possession of the winning formula right now? Turn down the random noise and turn up your ability to promote winners and the best strategies.
Even the best apples have bad days (or even bad years). Can you measure quota attainment for the past three years? That's the perspective you need to help your team gain the most ground. 
Sales leaders who know their business should be able to forecast their closing position within 5% of actual revenue. Do you have the data, tools, and process in place to do it?
Yes, new logos make the heart beat faster, but you can breathe easy by earning more revenue from existing customers. Do you have an easy way to keep up with service activity that reveals upsell and cross-sell opportunities? You owe it to yourself to get one.
Continue your journey by raising sales productivity. 
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