The Power of the Right Answer

Your customers want answers fast. But it's not always easy to find the right one, especially if you have to search through thousands of potential answers, leaving customers frustrated in the process.

That's why you need a new kind of knowledge base—one that delivers the right answer the first time, every time. That's why we acquired InStranet, creator of the world's most successful knowledge base technology.

The Right Answers

Finally: A Knowledge Base that Gives You Just the Answer You Need – and Nothing You Don't

Traditional knowledge bases rely on matching keywords against every answer in the system. The result: many pages of possible matches that leave your agents and customers lost in a sea of irrelevant information.

InStranet's patented Dimensions technology organizes your knowledge base in multiple ways to pinpoint only those answers that are relevant to a particular customer. Add the Dimensions technology to the rich customer history in Salesforce CRM and you get just the answer you need—and none of the "noise."

Happy Customers

Everything You Need for Happy Agents and Customers

Salesforce CRM Service is the fastest-growing application among enterprise call centers and support teams worldwide. This award-winning product delivers a:

  • Call Center application that makes every agent successful
  • Customer Portal that makes self-service the preferred destination for your customers
  • Proven Knowledge Base used by 350,000 global call center agents and millions of self-service customers
Call Center

Deliver Success in Weeks, not Months – Even for Large B2C Call Centers

Our customers love that they can be up and running with Salesforce CRM Service in weeks, not months. The new knowledge base is no different.

Leading companies like Comcast, Expedia, and Orange have deployed the knowledge base to tens of thousands of agents in weeks. Amazing! Awards
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