Office of Ethical and Humane Use

Intentional Innovation.

Technology has the power to transform our world for the better. As builders and creators, we have the opportunity — and obligation — to choose how we harness this power to create the world we all want to live in.

At Salesforce, we believe technology is integral to unlocking human potential. We design and develop technology that’s ethical, inclusive, and prevents harm. This is a core business value as we dive into the fast-developing world of building and using trusted AIopens in a new window.

Salesforce research shows that AI is more trusted when an empowered human can take the lead in their partnership with using AI. Human at the Helm is our approach to supporting businesses and employees in thoughtfully steering AI-generated content that’s secure and trustworthy.

Building a better world for everyone.

Our work centers on two key questions: How can we build better products that include everyone, and how can we mitigate risks and promote positive impacts of our products in the world? When we answer these questions by creating for — and with — diverse stakeholders, we unleash innovation and create products people can trust.

Our focus areas.

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Ethics by Design

Empowering innovators to embed ethics into tech products, especially AI — by design.

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Ethical Use Policy

Guiding the responsible use of our platform with principles, processes, and policies.

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Product Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Designing for and alongside users with disabilities to unleash innovation for everyone.

Our mission is to anticipate and shape the impact of our products in the world, driving intentional innovation through the lens of trust and inclusion.

Paula Goldman
Chief Ethical & Humane Use Officer, Salesforce

Our Ethical Use Advisory Council.

Our Ethical Use Advisory Council consists of a diverse group of frontline and executive employees, academics, industry experts, and society leaders. The council meets regularly to discuss ways to arrive at balanced and thoughtful outcomes, resulting in recommendations to company leadership for both product and policy updates. Its guidance ensures that we address the impacts of modern technology collaboratively, consider a wide set of perspectives, and mitigate risk while staying aligned to our commitments.

We’re better together.

Salesforce partners with several civil society organizations to advance the field of ethical and inclusive technology.

We partner closely with the World Economic Forum’s Responsible Use of Technology steering committee to collaborate with leaders across civil society, government, and business to share best practices and build the field of ethical technology — together.

We are also proud to partner with public policy leaders around the world to influence responsible AI development. Members of our team represent Salesforce on various ethical AI councils around the globe, including the U.S. National AI Advisory Committee; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commission on Artificial Intelligence Competitiveness, Inclusion, and Innovation; the Singaporean Ethical AI Advisory Council; and the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Join us on our journey.

Creating ethical and inclusive products is everyone’s responsibility. We can’t do this alone — and we don’t have all the answers — but we are continually learning and iterating. We offer our learnings to the public as resources to help others on their journeys toward ethical and inclusive products.

To better understand how you can center these considerations in your day-to-day, take our Building Ethical and Inclusive Products educational trailmix leveraging our free e-learning platform, Trailhead.

Download our “Build with Intention Toolkit” to learn how we empower teams to embed ethics, inclusion, and accessibility into the products they’re building, and get the tools to innovate with intention at your own company.