Trust and Compliance Documentation

Find Trust and Compliance information for each Salesforce service.

What's included in the Trust & Compliance documentation?

The Security, Privacy, and Architecture (“SPARC”), which describes:

  • The architecture of the services,
  • The security and privacy related audits and certifications received for the services, and
  • The administrative, technical and physical controls applicable to these services

The Notices and License Information (“NLI”) which describes the features, restrictions and notices associated with any:

  • Information sourced from third parties or public sources and provided to customers via these services
  • Functionality that allows customers to interact with social media, other websites, and/or non-Salesforce applications, including licensor terms, and
  • Desktop and mobile device software applications provided in connection with these services

The Infrastructure & Sub-processors (“I&S”) which:

  • Describes the infrastructure environment for the services,
  • Lists the sub-processors and certain other entities material to Salesforce's provision of these services, and
  • Lists the countries where customer data is stored and processed for these services

The Product Terms Directory (“PTD”) which: 

  • Sets forth certain terms associated with Services purchased on Order Forms, and
  • Organizes terms by the name of the particular Service as it appears on the Order Form.

Updates to the Trust & Compliance Documentation

Updates to the SPARC, NLI, and I&S Documentation are reflected in the Change Log.

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Updates to the PTD are reflected in the previous versions of PTD accessible directly from the PTD

For any additional notices required by licensors related to distributed components of the services see the Open Source Notices website. 


How to Find Your Trust & Compliance Documentation

To find the SPARC or NLI Documentation applicable to your Services, locate your Service and Infrastructure to find the SPARC and NLI for that Service. Some Services can run on Hyperforce, or alternative infrastructure. To confirm which Infrastructure your organization is running on, see Where is my Salesforce instance located? and View instance information for your Salesforce Organization

Some Services run on multiple infrastructures and are subject to more than one set of SPARC or NLI documentation. The Scope or Covered Services section of each SPARC or NLI document sets forth those Services or features that are covered by additional documentation.

All Services share a common I&S document to make it easier to find all of the entities that host or process data for our Services. 

To find the PTD Documentation applicable to your Service, locate your Service in the PTD.

Salesforce Services and Additional Services

  • Automotive Cloud
  • Backup and Restore, a feature of Lightning Platform (including 
  • B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience
  • D2C Commerce (formerly B2B2C Commerce)
  • Chatter 
  • Code Builder
  • Consumer Goods Cloud 
  • Communications Cloud
  • CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) (including Einstein Discovery and Salesforce Data Pipelines)
  • Customer Data Cloud
  • DevOps Center
  • Emergency Program Management 
  • Employee Productivity (formerly IT Service Center — Agent and Employee Service — Agent) 
  • Enablement
  • Energy and Utilities Cloud
  • Enhanced Messaging
  • Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) 
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Flow for Industries (formerly Digital Process Automation) (including Decision Tables, Data Processing Engine, Omnistudio, Business Rules Engine, Client-Side Document Generation, and Server-Side Document Generation)
  • Health Cloud
  • IoT Explorer (including IoT Plus)
  • Intelligent Form Reader 
  • Lightning Platform (including and Salesforce Connect) 
  • Loyalty Management 
  • Manufacturing Cloud 
  • Media Cloud
  • Messaging 
  • Messaging for In-App and Web 
  • Net Zero Cloud (formerly Sustainability Cloud) 
  • Privacy Center 
  • Public Sector Solutions
  • Referral Marketing
  • Revenue Lifecycle Management


  • Safety Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud (including Field Services managed package)
  • Salesforce Contracts
  • Salesforce Private Connect
  • Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing
  • Salesforce Maps (including Maps Lite)
  • Salesforce Order Management
  • Service Cloud
  • Service Cloud Voice
  • Salesforce Sales Planning
  • Salesforce Shield
  • Salesforce Web3 Services (including Web3 Connect and NFT Management)
  • Shift Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Vlocity managed packages and features (“Vlocity Services”) branded as:
    • Vlocity Communication package
    • Vlocity Media and Entertainment package,
    • Vlocity Energy & Utilities package,
    • Vlocity Insurance package,
    • Vlocity Health package,
    • Vlocity Public Sector or Vlocity Government package,
    • Vlocity Digital Commerce Gateway
    • Vlocity Order Management Plus               
  • WDC
  • Workforce Engagement Management
  • Workplace Command Center
  • the services branded as:
    • Accounting Subledger
    • Admissions Connect
    • Education Cloud
    • foundationConnect (provisioned on or after August 19, 2019)
    • Grants Management
    • Nonprofit Cloud
    • Nonprofit Cloud Case Management 1
    • Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking
    • Insights Platform: Data Integrity
    • Student Success Hub (formerly Salesforce Advisor Link)
Trust & Compliance Documentation
Trust & Compliance Documentation for Hyperforce (formerly Salesforce Unified Cloud)

B2B Commerce

Trust & Compliance Documentation
Trust & Compliance Documentation for Hyperforce (formerly Salesforce Unified Cloud)

B2C Commerce/Commerce Cloud

Trust & Compliance Documentation

Customer Data Cloud (aka Salesforce Data Cloud), Customer Data Platform (formerly branded as Salesforce CDP)

Trust & Compliance Documentation

Einstein Platform

  • Einstein Bots
  • Einstein Conversation Insights
  • Einstein Conversation Mining
  • Einstein Copy Insights
  • Einstein GPT for Commerce
  • Einstein GPT for Sales
  • Einstein GPT for Service
  • Einstein for Platform
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein for Sales
  • Einstein for Service
  • Einstein Vision and Language
  • Einstein Vision for Social Studio
  • Sales Engagement (formerly High Velocity Sales)
  • Einstein for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot Einstein)
  • Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Salesforce Inbox
  • Service Cloud Einstein
  • the Einstein Features
    • Activity Capture
    • Article Recommendations
    • Bots
    • Case Classification
    • Case Wrap-up
    • Deal Insights
    • Intelligent Forecasting Machine Learning
    • Object Detection
    • Opportunity Scoring
    • Prediction Builder
    • Recommendation Builder
    • Reply Recommendation
Trust & Compliance Documentation

Government Cloud Plus

Trust & Compliance Documentation


  • Heroku
  • Salesforce Functions (including Salesforce Elastic Services)
Trust & Compliance Documentation

LiveMessage, Sales Enablement (formerly branded as myTrailhead), Quip, and Elevate

Trust & Compliance Documentation

Marketing Cloud

  • Marketing Cloud Advertising (including Advertising Audiences and Journey Builder Advertising)
  • Evergage
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement (formerly ExactTarget) (including Email Studio, Journey Builder and Mobile Studio)
  • Intelligence (including Intelligence Data Pipelines) (formerly Datorama)
  • Intelligence Reports for Engagement (formerly Datorama Reports)
  • Interaction Studio (legacy)
  • Marketing Cloud Growth
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio) 
  • Marketing Cloud Einstein services branded as
    • Behavioral Triggers
    • Einstein Content Selection
    • Einstein Content Tagging
    • Einstein Copy Insights
    • Einstein Email Recommendations
    • Einstein Engagement Frequency
    • Einstein Engagement Frequency for Account Engagement
    • Einstein Engagement Scoring for Email (formerly branded as Predictive Scoring)
    • Einstein Engagement Scoring for Mobile
    • Einstein Messaging Insights
    • Einstein Recommendations
    • Einstein Send Time Optimization for Marketing Cloud
    • Einstein Send Time Optimization for Account Engagement
    • Personalization Builder
    • Predictive Email
    • Predictive Intelligence
    • Predictive Web
    • Web Personalization
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits
  • Unified Messaging
  • Social Studio 
Trust & Compliance Documentation
Trust & Compliance Documentation for Hyperforce (formerly Salesforce Unified Cloud)

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)
  • Einstein Engagement Frequency for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  • Einstein Send Time Optimization for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
Trust & Compliance Documentation


  • MuleSoft or the Anypoint Platform
  • MuleSoft Composer
  • MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Trust & Compliance Documentation


  • Slack 
  • GovSlack
Trust & Compliance Documentation

Tableau Cloud

Trust & Compliance Documentation

Salesforce Infrastructure & Sub-processors Documentation

Salesforce I&S (2024-02-29)