We seek to build a more just and equitable society. We are committed to opening the doors of opportunity so that everyone has equal access to a quality education, meaningful career, and prosperous future. This vision isn’t ours alone. We are building it in partnership with employees, schools, nonprofits, and community leaders.

Citizen Philanthropy and Strategic Programs

Through our volunteering, giving, and strategic programs, Salesforce employees provide responsive, needs-based support to our global communities.

What's New


values in action

Leading Through Change: The Future of Education

values in action

Salesforce Announces $20 Million to Support Student Learning Anywhere


How to Take Action


Pledge 1%

Join the Pledge 1% movement.

Sustainable Development Goals

Help accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals.

Future Trailblazer Challenge

Inspire local students to be future Trailblazers.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Learn how we can all protect human rights.