Air India delivers effortless, world-class service with Einstein.

Learn how the airline connects data to enhance generative AI and improve agent productivity.
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Air India agents deliver world-class service to customers with 360-degree views of customer data and predictive AI recommendations from Einstein 1 Service.

About Air India

Air India, the premier airline of India, operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft that serves over a hundred domestic and international destinations.

The Challenge

Decentralized data and a high call volume make it hard to deliver consistent customer experiences.

In 2022, Air India embarked on a journey to capture 30% market share in India within 5 years. At the core of this transformation was a commitment to delivering an exceptional and consistent customer experience across digital properties, on the ground, or in the air.

However, as Air India grew through mergers and acquisitions of other airlines, it also took on a variety of technology stacks from each. For Air India, where a significant proportion of customer interactions happen over the phone with 550,000 incoming service cases each month, it was a struggle to deliver a consistent customer experience from agent to agent.

Air India needed to modernize the service experience by giving its customer-facing employees one comprehensive view of the customer across all data sources. This meant the company had to connect all of its data from a variety of sources -- loyalty management system, passenger services system, reservations and ticketing data, aircraft flight data, web and mobile engagement data, and its enterprise data lakehouse. The goal? To give every agent a complete view of every passenger, every time.

How Salesforce Helps

Data Cloud connects all data sources to give agents a complete view of every customer.

With Data Cloud, Air India connects all of its siloed customer data, across all Air India brands, into a single view. Data from call center systems, passenger service systems and enterprise data lakehouses come together into a unified profile of every customer. 

Customer-facing employees see a holistic view of customers right in the flow of work, including loyalty data, web browsing data and unified case management across brands. This enables service agents to provide contextual and personalized service the moment a call comes in.

Providing our customers the best experiences is our top priority. When things don’t go as expected, we want to address their challenges quickly. Salesforce’s flexible technologies and unified customer data platform enable us to build the resilience our business needs and deliver the personalization our customers expect.

Dr. Satya Ramaswamy
Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Air India

Agents can provide better service with AI-powered recommendations. 

Einstein 1 Service automatically classifies cases and omnichannel routing assigns them to agents with the right skill sets. And agents know exactly what next steps to take on each case, thanks to AI-powered reply recommendations grounded in knowledge. As a result, customers get help fast because the right agents handle the right cases more quickly. Plus, with predictive AI, agents can offer recommendations that deliver a better experience, like an automatic seat upgrade when a flight is delayed. Eventually, this connected experience will expand beyond the call center and into the inflight and in-airport experiences.

Salesforce Customer Success experts help Air India get the most out of its investment.

The Signature Success Plan connects Air India with Salesforce experts to ensure the solution is implemented correctly and that everyone in the company has a seamless platform experience. The company also gets proactive and peak hourly support, industry insights, and best practice recommendations, which provide technical guidance so the airline can confidently grow its business.

The airline continues to realize value quickly with Salesforce Professional Services. With expert guidance and strategic planning along the way, Air India has enabled a faster and more impactful digital transformation with Data Cloud and Einstein 1 Service. With this partnership, the airline can continue to innovate its business on Salesforce to deliver personalized customer experiences.

Next: AI will generate email replies to boost agent productivity and ensure consistent brand messaging.

Air India plans to implement generative AI in Einstein 1 Service to help its hundreds of agents deliver consistent messaging across its large volume of monthly service cases. AI will guide every agent with conversational replies so everyone in the company can express a similar voice, tone, and language with customers. The company also plans to use AI to generate call summaries so agents will be able to spend less time on manual tasks and more time helping customers.

The Salesforce Difference

With CRM, AI, and data unified on the Einstein 1 platform, Air India can bring together trusted data from any source to build a 360-degree view of each customer. And with AI developed specifically to help with the demands of customer support, service agents can work more efficiently with relevant recommendations and email replies. The result? Teams focus on what matters most — delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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