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BACA Systems doubles productivity with Einstein 1 Sales.

Learn how the company will unlock all of its data with Data Cloud and boost sales efficiency with Einstein 1 Sales.
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After BACA Systems moved its resource planning system to Salesforce, it gave its sales team an extra edge in efficiency with generative AI powered by Einstein 1 Platform.

About BACA Systems

BACA Systems offers innovative fabrication solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability for stone fabricators through state-of-the-art robotic and CNC-based machinery for the worldwide stone industry.

The Challenge

Sales teams were slowed by routine tasks and incomplete information.

BACA Systems' sales team was spending too much time searching for information on prospects and drafting emails. Reps had no way to identify opportunities at risk or proactively save them.

Lack of low-code tools resulted in significant losses of time and money.

Developers had to manually code, which was time-consuming and required maintenance. And lack of software license management resulted in large revenue losses because robotic machinery relies on software activation.

How Salesforce Helps

Einstein 1 Sales takes on manual tasks to save reps time.

The company manages its entire sales cycle, including opportunities in Sales Cloud. In addition to giving reps easy access to their sales pipeline, Einstein 1 Sales also includes powerful AI tools to help them boost their productivity. If a rep is unsure how to progress an opportunity, Einstein recommends the next best step.

To make this possible, first BACA Systems will unlock and consolidate all of its data using Data Cloud. Then it will connect its data to Einstein 1 Sales that is used for monitoring and tracking performance for its sales reps.

Einstein Copilot will then use this data to give reps AI-driven recommendations in a trusted, secure environment. This will provide truly personalized guidance and allow the company to pull in data from cases and email conversations to ground custom prompts in Prompt Builder. For instance, a rep will be able to ask Copilot to “help me draft an email to Polly Prospect at the ABC Company.” Einstein will then reference all of the emails that have been sent to the prospect, service case notes, opportunity data, and other relevant data in Data Cloud to craft a personalized email, grounded in the context of that account.

Einstein also takes on manual tasks like writing call summaries so that reps can focus on deeper engagement with prospects and customers. Sales reps review these summaries and use them to inform their conversations when they reach out to prospects. If a prospect mentions interest in attending an open house, Einstein can write a custom subject line in the email invitation for the rep to send.

The result? The sales team spends less time creating emails, and those with AI-generated subject lines have higher open rates too. With these AI-powered enhancements, the company has doubled sales productivity.

“We see generative AI really shine at things like sending emails. We’ve been using Einstein to generate sales emails, which allows our sales teams to skip these repetitive tasks so they can focus their time on our customers.”

Andrew Russo
Salesforce Architect, BACA Systems

Teams receive data management coaching with the Premier Success Plan.

BACA Systems knows that the key to using AI in its business lies in the quality of its data. It partners closely with Salesforce experts, as part of its Premier Success Plan, who provide guidance and recommendations on how to properly manage its data, including how to identify and fix quality issues.

Expert coaching sessions, included with Premier, also help team members build expertise and quickly get up to speed on Salesforce products, features, and capabilities.

AppExchange apps transform delivery operations.

The company set up a complete delivery management system by integrating AppExchange apps Bringg and Rootstock ERP with Salesforce. Now, BACA Systems has better control over its delivery operations with fewer errors and increased automation on previously manual tasks, such as creating and printing shipping labels, as well as tracking of all shipping records. The team implemented this new solution in less than 24 hours without disruption of the day’s ongoing deliveries. As a result, the company has saved 5–8 minutes per order and all shipping activities have an accuracy rate of 99.9%. The time savings is equivalent to 15 workdays per month, or the workload of a full-time employee. The flexibility of the solution also permits BACA Systems to support expansion in the future.

Your Account app simplifies account management and purchasing.

BACA Systems uses the Your Account app, Salesforce’s ecommerce subscription management tool. The company can purchase more Sales Cloud or Service Cloud licenses and get copies of order forms, terms, and other important documents all in one place. BACA Systems can also update its contract with Salesforce; fill out billing contact information; and view, download, and pay invoices. Now, BACA Systems' admin team spends less time on these administrative tasks and more time planning for its next phase of innovation with Salesforce.

Custom apps and integrations built in Flow save time and money.

BACA Systems uses Salesforce flows to handle a variety of tasks, from accounting to inventory and manufacturing to service. Flows are custom apps created with the Flow Builder tool that provide point-and-click automation across the Salesforce platform. By replacing the need for manual coding with integrated, prebuilt solutions, flows not only save developers time and resources but provide clear overviews of business processes. And BACA Systems can develop functional solutions in under two days with flows. 

For example, BACA Systems uses Flow to integrate with third-party software licensing service Zentitle. This automated flow activates robots and accurately charges customers, preventing loss of revenue. BACA Systems now has a single point of management for its licensing system, entirely in Salesforce, eliminating the need to navigate to Zentitle’s portal. It has successfully implemented 231 custom flows and 250 flows from managed packages, demonstrating how low-code tools on the Einstein 1 Platform, like Flow Builder, can lead to time and cost savings.

In the future, BACA Systems plans to use generative AI to quickly build prototypes for speeding up app development and improving coding efficiency for developers who still need to write traditional code.

AI will help shape future strategy.

BACA Systems plans to unlock key insights for its business with Einstein Discovery to power its manufacturing operations and supply chain. It is working to develop Einstein Discovery models that will help with inventory and purchasing decisions so the company can order from the right vendor at the right time — and get the right amount of inventory, all powered by insights from historical data in Salesforce. 

The Salesforce Difference

BACA Systems relies on Einstein 1 Platform to run its business and boost employee productivity with AI. Backed by the Einstein Trust Layer to ensure the security of its data and the expert guidance of the Customer Success team, BACA Systems will continue to stay at the forefront of innovation.

2 X
increase in sales productivity with Sales Cloud
99.9 %
accuracy rate of shipment activities due to AppExchange apps
days equivalent time savings thanks to delivery management automation
20 %
reduction in warranty costs