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Fisher & Paykel elevates service to match the luxury of its products.

Learn how the brand drives productivity while delivering human-centric customer experiences.
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Fisher & Paykel delivers personalised and convenient customer experiences that are just as luxurious as its products. It’s also saved 3,300 hours monthly through increased automation and self-service.

About Fisher & Paykel

Premium appliance brand Fisher & Paykel challenges conventional design to create products that improve and enrich people’s lives. The global brand sells these products in 50 countries around the world.

The Challenge

Disconnected data creates inefficiency and makes it difficult to provide aspirational experiences. 

Fisher & Paykel aspires to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world. To provide an experience that reflects this, employees needed better tools and access to information. In the past, calls to the call centre were inefficient and frustrating for customers as employees lacked visibility into customers’ history and past interactions. Visits from service technicians created further friction as they required customers to stay home for a half day or longer, not knowing when technicians would arrive. 

At the same time, customers like retailers, builders, and designers wanted better, more convenient ways to collaborate with Fisher & Paykel. For example, they wanted the ability to check inventory and place orders online, at any time rather than waiting to phone up their rep the next business day.

How Salesforce Helps Fisher & Paykel

Single source of truth underpins customer-centric experiences. 

To provide more efficient and personalised experiences, Fisher & Paykel has unified teams around a single view of the customer. So sales, service, and marketing can see a history of customers’ past purchases and current orders. They can see any open support cases and a summary of customers’ past interactions with agents or field service technicians. They can also see customers’ buying signals, such as which products they’re browsing online. 

It all starts with sales as Sales Cloud brings together the data reps need to support retailers, builders, and designers. This means reps can spend less time manually pulling together information and have more productive customer conversations. 

Sales Cloud also powers a new Partner Relationship Management solution that simplifies collaboration. The solution includes a trade portal built on Experience Cloud where builders and other resellers can check inventory. With CPQ embedded into the portal, they can also quickly and accurately build quotes for multiple products. They can then place orders and track them in real-time.  

Commerce Cloud Order Management has delivered similar benefits for retail customers. Deployed with support from Salesforce Professional Services, the solution has also automated activities like inventory management and fulfillment. 

This has eliminated 30 minutes of manual effort per order. It’s also helped provide a return on the investment in Commerce Cloud in just six months. 

All together, Fisher & Paykel estimates a savings of up to 3,300 hours per month as a result of improved automation and self-service within the B2B side of its business. This is time that can be spent providing faster, more personalised support to consumers.

By connecting all our data we can better understand customers' needs and then use automation to reach out to them in real-time with the information or products they most want.

Rudi Khoury
Chief Digital Officer, Fisher & Paykel

Subscription Management helps Fisher & Paykel improve customer convenience and forecasting. 

Fisher & Paykel has also created a seamless purchasing experience for consumers with Subscription Management. 

Customers can place subscriptions for products like water filters via multiple channels, including apps used to manage Fisher & Paykel’s portfolio of connected appliances. All transaction data flows into Sales Cloud for a complete view of customer purchases and subscriptions.

Now when presented with the option to subscribe or make a one-time purchase, 30% of  Fisher & Paykel’s consumers choose a subscription. This not only improves customer convenience but allows the business to better plan and forecast revenue.

With self-service buying on every channel, we can be where our customers are in the moment they need us. In this way, Salesforce helps us enhance their experience and increase sales.

Rudi Khoury
Chief Digital Officer, Fisher & Paykel

Customer service operators provide smarter, more personalised support while average training time is reduced by 76%. 

With Service Cloud, Fisher & Paykel now can provide smarter, more personalised support to customers all over the globe. Integrated with the brand’s call centre technology, it provides operators with instant insight into the customer at the end of the phone—letting them continue the conversation where the last operator left off without the customer having to repeat themselves.

Service agents can also book an on-site service technician, then and there on the phone, using Field Service. Appointment confirmations are sent automatically the evening prior and include a link where customers can track the arrival of their technician. 

Once the technician has come and gone, customers receive a feedback form where they can rate the service provided. If the rating is less than ideal, it triggers a new case, allowing the business to find out what happened and resolve any issues.

These new support processes have transformed the service experience for customers who no longer need to waste time repeating themselves or waiting for technicians. Also, operators can now use the same processes to service customers from all over the globe, reducing training time from an average of nine months to just three weeks per operator.

AI resolves 30% of online queries.

The next frontier for Fisher & Paykel is to drive more automated and personalised engagement using AI. It already uses Einstein Bots to respond to frequently asked questions and identify when issues require a technician visit. The AI-powered chatbot now resolves 30% of queries that would otherwise go to live chat, freeing up customer service operators to focus on more complex cases.

Data Cloud unlocks trapped data to enable richer customer insights. 

Fisher & Paykel has also introduced Data Cloud, working with consulting partner SLEEQ to deploy the solution in a matter of weeks. Fisher & Paykel’s ultimate plan is for Data Cloud to become its primary source of customer insight and power more personalised interactions across sales, service, and marketing. 

As a first step, the company has brought all its CRM, commerce, and engagement data from the website into Data Cloud. Together with Marketing Cloud, this has enabled Fisher & Paykel to create hyper-personalised marketing segments. The company can also trigger automated journeys based on customers’ buying signals, such as visits to specific product pages on the website. 

With the ability to send more targeted communication, Fisher & Paykel is now sending more emails and achieving better results. For example, in 2023, it saw a 206% increase in unique opens and a 112% increase in unique clicks generated.

Expert guidance creates a roadmap for success.

To pave the way for these enhancements, Fisher & Paykel has worked with the Salesforce Signature Success team to move to Hyperforce. This has provided the company with a more powerful and scalable architecture to deploy and scale its Salesforce apps.  

Fisher & Paykel’s Signature Success plan also provides access to a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who understands the business and can help maximise the value of its Salesforce investment. 

Khoury shared that having the guidance and support of the TAM has also given Fisher & Paykel more confidence to push the limits of what Salesforce can do.

We’re confident in pushing the limits of Salesforce because we know that someone has our back.

Rudi Khoury
Chief Digital Officer, Fisher & Paykel
hours per month saved through automation and self-service
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