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AI amplifies the Gucci voice across client service centers.

Learn how Gucci makes every service experience luxurious with AI-powered replies.
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Gucci’s global client service center uses generative AI to create conversational replies its advisors can use to provide on-brand luxury customer experiences across every channel.

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What you need to know

High-end customer service means going above and beyond with hyperpersonalization. Fashion house Gucci put AI at the center of Gucci 9, its global client service network, with Einstein. Now, AI generates bitesize conversation replies in a "Guccified" brand voice to help advisors assist customers, whether they’re looking to restore a vintage bag or make reservations at a Michelin-star Gucci Osteria. Whether customers engage in-store, by phone, or via WhatsApp, Gucci makes every interaction beautiful with connected customer data.

Why it matters

Gucci is known for infusing beauty into one-of-a-kind customer experiences. AI helps the fashion house practice its mantra, "the human touch, powered by technology," by scaling the capabilities of its advisors with brand-ready messages.

Secure and certified data are at the heart of Gucci AI solutions. Our customers trust us when they put their personal data in our hands.

Gilberto Tosca
Chief Technology & Information Officer, Gucci

What the difference looks like

Gucci’s 600 client advisors across seven global hubs can communicate with a clear brand voice, while amplifying the human touch with AI. Gucci 9 teams are empowered to engage with customers on their specific interests along the customer journey.

  • Gucci generates bitesize conversation replies in a distinct and authentic brand voice using Einstein for Service, which combines internal data with AI. Client advisors can then choose to use the reply as is, edit to further personalize the interaction, or write their own message.
  • The generated replies provide a user-friendly and flexible, yet consistent, conversation framework that advisors can use to enrich their unique interactions with customers. This helps amplify brand storytelling, moving advisors away from traditional customer service response templates.
  • Hiring and onboarding new team members previously required significant time investment to educate advisors on the brand voice, history, and products. Now, the AI-generated replies have shortened the learning curve for new team members by training them on the Gucci voice quicker and more intuitively.
  • The autogenerated replies also keep client advisors informed and well-versed on Gucci’s newest collections.

Gucci aims to create one-of-a-kind, seamless experiences across every channel, including in-store and online.

  • Gucci uses Salesforce to connect its stores and app. Marketing Cloud engages customers with push messages, emails, and notifications based on their physical location. This way, Gucci can connect with them in real time based on their shopping behavior and trends.
  • Gucci set out to design the digital customer service experience with beauty, just like its stores. Service Cloud ensures customers receive the same luxury service experience as when they’re shopping in person. Client advisors can connect with customers on their preferred channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or WeChat to answer their questions and share product purchase links.
  • Customized dashboards in Tableau ensure advisors have all the resources they need to think like business owners. Advisors have powerful data and insights at their fingertips for SLAs, contacts, phone sales, chat sales, and clienteling.
  • Gucci then uses the data it gathers through customer interactions to create and share insights across the business. Tableau surfaces these insights to HR, finance, retail, and supply chain departments to facilitate more intelligent decision-making.