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Ponce Bank enhances experiences with a 360 degree view of customers.

See how unifying data from 54+ systems into one builds smarter, deeper, trusted relationships.
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Ponce Bank unified data from 54+ different systems onto one platform to get a 360 degree view of its customers. The result? Increased operational efficiency and productivity across the organization and highly personalized financial guidance for customers.

What you need to know

Ponce Bank is known for serving communities with a focus on personal banking and local economic growth. Behind the scenes, employees had 54+ different systems, making it difficult to understand the full view of their customers. Teams spent too much time on manual approvals. Now, Ponce Bank has access to a secure, real-time, single view of each customer’s data and financial information. This visibility has created operational efficiency and productivity across the company and enhanced the customer experience.

Why it matters

Banking and financial services is a deeply personal business. Customers will only turn over their financial future to people and institutions they trust. To build that trust, Ponce Bank needed to really know its customers. With a real-time, 360 degree view of each customer’s data, bankers at Ponce can track and act on customers’ interactions and behavior, and deliver highly personalized, proactive, one-to-one financial guidance.

With Salesforce, we’ve been able to scale and impact more people and businesses than we could have ever imagined.

Carlos Naudon
CEO, Ponce Bank

What the difference looks like

Before Salesforce, Ponce Bank employees worked in 54+ different systems to serve customers. Employees lacked the data or visibility to fully understand customer needs. Now they have a single platform for data sharing and system integration. Here’s how the technology helps them reach more customers, drive growth, and provide vital support in the communities it serves:

  • All of Ponce Bank's employees use Financial Services Cloud — from bankers to loan officers to call center representatives. Now, Ponce Bank can automate processes across its sales and operations teams, such as loan underwriting and deposit rate approvals. It can also optimize lead and referral management and accelerate customer onboarding with workflows to automate account opening. Financial Services Cloud fuels cross-sell efforts by giving white space indicators for each customer, helping bankers understand what products to recommend next.
  • Ponce Bank employees engage their audience of underbanked and underserved communities more effectively with Marketing Cloud. Using the automation capabilities of Email Journeys, the bank sends educational content to prospects and onboard new customers about available services.
  • Ponce Bank has created a visual indicator so bankers can easily see a client’s savings, checking, and more to understand at-a-glance where the account stands. Real-time data visualizations like this in CRM Analytics help bankers gain a better understanding of customers, enabling them to provide more personalized service.

Behind the scenes

Ponce Bank receives specialized guidance and education through the Premier Success Plan to keep its vision on track, skill up employees, and implement best practices tailored to their goals. With access to 24/7 technical support from Salesforce, Ponce Bank can get back to serving their customers faster.

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