ABB is a Trailblazer

ABB is writing the future of machines with AI and Salesforce.

130,000 employees
Salesforce customer since 2014


Increase in leads from ABB Service Cloud users


ABB is connecting with customers better than ever before by pioneering industrial digitalization.

Writing the future of industrial digitalization in a global landscape is no easy task. ABB, a pioneering technology leader, is doing just that for its global customers across utilities, industry and transportation, and infrastructure. Whether it is bringing electricity from power plants to plug or automating industries from natural resources to finished products, ABB is writing the future of industrial digitalization.

For ABB, it’s not enough to be a global innovation leader. The company strives to be a leader in customer experience as well, shaping the standard for delivering a complete, connected customer experience. To deliver on this experience, ABB has transformed how it connects with customers through its FACE program (Future ABB Customer Experience). ABB partners with Salesforce as a key element of its strategy.

ABB is a Trailblazer in manufacturing technology.

ABB is one of the world’s largest digital industrial companies, managing operations across 100+ countries, approximately 147,000 employees, four global divisions, and one brand representing a revenue base of $34+ billion. Recognized as one of Fortune’s top 10 companies changing the world in 2018, ABB is helping to run the world without consuming the earth.

With such a vast reach, a history of mergers and acquisitions, and quickly changing customer expectations, ABB was challenged to deliver a modern customer experience across all regions, brands, and departments. This was not easy with 100+ CRM systems across the globe.

Salesforce Customer 360 is deployed across ABB’s sales, service, field service, and marketing departments, enabling any employee to have one 360-degree view of the customer, allowing for optimized selling, servicing, and marketing. With Tableau CRM directly integrated across each function to analyze data, employees can drive intelligent interactions that are personalized for each customer.

Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO, shared that “today we know better, we plan better, and we execute customer interaction better.” Enabled by Salesforce, ABB is better able to drive profitable organic growth and boost productivity. “Salesforce provides us with the best platform to realize increased responsiveness and effectiveness,” he said.


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Move beyond the product to create a connected digital ecosystem with your customer at the center.


Drive action with intelligent marketing using Marketing Cloud.


Deliver better onsite support with Field Service.

With Sales Cloud, ABB delivers on customers’ high expectations.

Customer expectations are higher than ever, as personal and B2C experiences are shaping the standard for B2B buying. Manufacturers need to meet their customers where their customers are.

ABB delivers on this expectation. “We want to offer our products and solutions through the channels that customers want. Increasingly customers are looking at digital channels, both for doing research and procurement, but also to get solutions to their smaller concerns — and in some cases, even large problems,” said Tarak Mehta, President, Electrification Products Division. “As ABB, we understand our role: to create content and to create processes that ensure customers can engage directly with us and get the answers they seek and the solutions they want.”

ABB has over 26,000 salespeople using Salesforce to deliver customer solutions, allowing them to collaborate across divisions — breaking down any internal silos and creating one 360-degree degree view of the customer.

ABB also partners with 30,000 community members to keep channel partners up to speed and consistent in delivering a superior experience for customers.


We want to grow. We want to drive execution, and we want to collaborate better. So in simple terms: more. Better. Together. The partnership with Salesforce is right in the center of this”


Marketing Cloud enables ABB to break away from internal silos.

At one point in time, customers could receive multiple emails and messages from different divisions and business units at ABB. The team at ABB knew that the company would need to deliver on one global unified marketing strategy to streamline marketing messaging for customers, maintaining the ability to be nimble and pivot quickly.

With 26,000 ABB employees in its marketing and sales organization now connected on Marketing Cloud, the ability to engage with customers across all channels is better than ever before. ABB can use marketing automation with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, identify customers on its website with DMP, and structure 1-to-1 journeys with Marketing Cloud.

Sabine Busse, Group SVP of Marketing and Sales, said the power “to collaborate around account planning activities or customer care activities in one single platform is tremendous.”

Today with Marketing Cloud, Busse celebrates ABB’s new ability to “truly generate a 360-degree view of the customer. We have a good understanding of our pipeline of opportunities. We are sharing knowledge amongst the team, and being on one platform allows us to standardize processes and tools.”


With Field Service, ABB is closing the distance with customers.

ABB provides quality support that continues to drive customer engagement, and now thanks to Field Service, the company is meeting its customers needs instantaneously and at scale.

Mehta imagines as an example, “a field-service person highlighting a customer need from a maintenance point of view or an operational-improvement point of view, converting that into an opportunity for the salesperson to go and visit the customer and say, ‘Here is something we think will make an impact based on what we saw in your process.’ Now that’s a much richer experience and a much tighter connection to the customer's challenges and solutions rather than just calling them up to say, ‘What are you looking for from ABB?’”

According to Spiesshofer, “Salesforce really helps us in that, but it also helps us to allocate resources and prioritize in a much better way to be more agile and, hopefully, be ahead of our competitors in serving the customers' needs with the appropriate solutions at the right time.”

ABB is writing the future, and Salesforce is a key partner.

In our fast-changing world, ABB is using the full power of Marketing Cloud, Field Service, and Salesforce Customer 360 to bring people together by committing to creating products that ensure business-enhancing solutions for customers. “Digitalization is changing how industrial companies interact with their suppliers and with the markets as a whole,” said Spiesshofer. “True market leadership is now only possible if you succeed at using data to optimize processes, predict customer needs, and deliver a smarter and more personalized customer experience.”

With Salesforce Customer 360, ABB is digitally transforming its business by breaking down internal silos and unifying its partner ecosystem, customers, distributors, and employees on a single platform to better connect with its customers in dynamic, more powerful ways.


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