UnitedHealthcare Is A Trailblazer

UnitedHealthcare keeps customers on the road to health with Salesforce.

270,000 employees
Salesforce customer since 2010


Employees use Salesforce to
personalize the member experience


UnitedHealthcare is transforming the member experience to proactive, predictive, and personalized care.

Healthcare is becoming more expensive, and individuals are demanding more for their money. Yet as expectations grow, members face highly disconnected digital experiences during their most vulnerable moments. UnitedHealthcare is transforming the way members think about their relationship with health insurers by anticipating member needs and by giving individuals the power to navigate their personal health journeys.

“A lot of the shifts that you've seen in retail or financial services, those technology shifts are now coming to healthcare,” said Phil McKoy, CIO at UnitedHealthcare. “There is a lot more focus on consumer digital, a lot more focus on personalization, and a lot more focus on giving control back to the people that we serve.”

UnitedHealthcare is a Trailblazer in member-centered care.

Many in healthcare recognize the need to shift to a member-centered model, but few know where to begin. A luminary example of what is possible, UnitedHealthcare is part of the largest healthcare IT company in the world, UnitedHealth Group (UHG), combining payer, provider, and IT services into a single entity with 270,000 employees. The scope of UHG’s capabilities, alongside the scale of its operations and data, place UnitedHealthcare in a unique position to blaze a trail for member-centered care on behalf of the entire healthcare ecosystem.

“We have to be about simplicity and personalization,” said Chris Carlson, SVP, Strategic Capabilities at UnitedHealthcare. “We have to be an organization that consumers look to and say, ‘Listen, I don't care where I go, but I hope you have UnitedHealthcare as your insurance company.’”


Explore the products that are helping UnitedHealthcare grow.


Service Cloud

Deliver personalized experiences with Service Cloud.

Health Cloud

Put patients at the heart of every decision with Health Cloud.

Marketing Platform

Drive action with intelligent marketing using Marketing Cloud.

Service Cloud builds loyalty while lowering the cost of healthcare.

Every interaction with UnitedHealthcare is designed to delight its members and to intelligently guide them to the highest-quality, most affordable care option. When members call with a routine claims question, for example, UnitedHealthcare customer care representatives automatically know who the member is. Using Service Cloud, representatives can see all relevant member information on a single screen, and they can recommend care programs that benefit the member's health.

Kate-Lin Dennis is Senior Customer Care Representative at UnitedHealthcare and uses Service Cloud every day to help members live healthier lives.

“With the Salesforce Platform, if somebody calls in and needs diabetic education, we’re able to look up local pharmacies for them that service diabetic supplies, and set them up with home health agencies,” said Dennis. “We can set them up with programs that help guide them through those processes.”



Salesforce allows us to give significantly greater individualized care with the right information for our members when they need it.”

Phil McKoy | CIO at UnitedHealthcare

Marketing Cloud guides the complete health journey.

With complete and connected information, UnitedHealthcare uses Marketing Cloud to create personalized, 1-to-1 member experiences across every touchpoint, from acquisition through care coordination and ongoing engagement.

UnitedHealthcare also uses Marketing Cloud to keep healthy people healthy with tailored wellness journeys across multiple channels of communication, including email and text. These journeys guide members to live a healthier lifestyle, reducing health risks and preventing chronic diseases.

“Salesforce allows us to give significantly greater individualized care with the right information for our members when they need it,” said McKoy. “One of the things I get excited about when I think about what we've just built, is I feel like we've just laid the foundation. We're just scratching the surface of what we can accomplish together with UnitedHealthcare and Salesforce.”


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