Zero Copy Integration

Introducing the Zero Copy Partner Network.

Zero copy enables IT teams to access data across multiple locations while eliminating the need to move it manually, resulting in lower storage costs while maintaining security and performance. This simplifies data governance by enabling high-quality data directly from the source, with low latency in data retrieval.

Ensure accessibility, governance, and security with a data strategy built to help businesses prepare for AI transformation. Our expanded network of technology partners, ISV Partners, data providers, and SI Partners will help customers build, configure, and optimize zero copy Data Cloud implementations.

What is zero copy?

Zero copy enables organizations to easily connect and use all of their data within the Einstein 1 Platform without needing to move or copy data between platforms. Data Cloud enables companies to unify all their enterprise data on Salesforce.

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Zero Copy Technology Partners

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Implementation-Ready SI Partners

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Data Ecosystem Partners

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Discover a global ecosystem of technology and solution providers.

The Zero Copy Partner Network gives companies the flexibility they need to access data between platforms to build AI-powered solutions.

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Our leading partner network.

Microsoft joins AWS, Databricks, Google, and Snowflake in their commitment to enabling secure, bi-directional zero copy integrations with the Einstein 1 Platform.

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ISV & data platform providers.

Zero copy unlocks data lakes & ISV data kits. Empower partners like Dun & Bradstreet, Moody's, ZoomInfo, Workday, and The Weather Channel to enrich Customer 360.

SI Partner implementations.

SI Partners on AppExchangeopens in a new window, like Accenture, Capgemini, Coastal, Cognizant, Deloitte Digital, IBM, Publicis Sapient, PwC, Slalom, and Wipro, help customers build, configure, and optimize Data Cloud.

Data Cloud unlocks trapped data from anywhere to power better customer relationships.

Say hello to Data Cloud.

Data Cloud, the only data platform native to Salesforce, unlocks and harmonizes data from any system — so you can better understand your customers and drive growth.

The Salesforce Zero Copy Partner Network helps organizations:

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Maintain governance.

Automate data flow for secure, real-time access. Zero copy integrations eliminate manual transfers and enable accurate data lineage. Simplify security with source-level access control.

Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, website, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake data representation

Easily access external data.

With zero copy integration, teams can access data from where it lives — either through queries or virtually. And when source data changes, it’s immediately updated everywhere.

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Act on data in real time.

Unify data in Salesforce with metadata. Generate BI/AI insights, segment audiences, and personalize journeys across Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce. Automate actions in the flow of work.

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Ground generative AI.

Quickly and easily connect structured and unstructured data, including PDFs, call transcripts, and emails, into any AI prompt using the Einstein Trust Layer without needing to fine-tune a standard large language model (LLM).

The launch of Salesforce’s Zero Copy Partner Network reinforces our commitment to our customers that we will continue to provide flexibility and agency in how they manage and use their data across the Einstein 1 Platform.

David Schmaier
Chief Product Officer, Salesforce