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Learn about the latest integrations that will dramatically simplify how customers securely share data and synchronize streaming events with Salesforce and AWS. 

Quickly develop and deliver new customer experiences for less with Salesforce and AWS.


Turn connected device data into engaging experiences.

Unlock insights from billions of connected devices to create meaningful business value with AWS IoT and IoT Cloud.

Build compelling voice-enabled experiences.

Harness the power of Alexa and Salesforce together using the Alexa toolkit for Salesforce.

Streamline your app development process.

Write smart, connected applications faster, and increase software automation by adding Heroku Enterprise to your AWS deployment.

Get actionable insights in seconds.

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Want to learn how to provide smarter service? Follow these paths.

Want to learn how to provide smarter service? Follow these paths.

Learn how Service Cloud Einstein makes customers happier by visiting Trailhead, our fun, easy way to learn Salesforce.


Service Cloud Einstein Basics

See how Service Cloud Einstein helps you deliver personalized service to customers.

Call Center Integration

Take customer calls by integrating your phone channel and support console.


Give today's customers the proactive, personalized support they expect with Live Agent.