Boost your sales opportunities with better contact data and company profiles.

Get organizationwide cleansing of your leads, contacts, and accounts right in Salesforce
$ 25
(billed annually)
Access millions of new contacts and accounts right in Salesforce
$ 150
(billed annually)

* All per user products require an annual contract. Must purchase a license for every CRM user.
** All per user products require an annual contract.
*** Additional fields are not guaranteed for all imported or cleaned company records. Data/content will vary based on availability from Dun & Bradstreet / Hoover's
**** Additional record credits can be shared/allocated across licensed Prospector users, and are not subject to monthly usage expiration.

For customers that purchased Prospector, Clean, or Salesforce Performance Edition prior to May 1, 2016, please refer to the Product Field List for details on what data comes with the product that was purchased.

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