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What customers expect from marketing nowadays



Customers are browsing, researching, checking reviews and comparing options before they engage with a sales rep or even hit the checkout button. It's therefore important for brands to show up at every touchpoint.


Customers want human, empathetic experiences, tailored to their needs with examples and recommendations from people like them, not just from your business. Data on behaviours, preferences and purchase history enables marketers to create personalised journeys for each customer.


Customers want to be recognized, valued, and expect the same kinds of experiences online, as they are used to getting in the shops. Companies that build customer relationships create more loyalty - before, during and after the sale.


In a crowded market with competitors from all around the globe, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and build engagement. Customers want to recognize and understand how a brand is unique, including what added value they can offer.

Having that golden record in Salesforce doesn’t just help the retail team, it also means we can adapt all marketing communications to be more personalized and relevant.”

Philippe Meyer, Group Client Marketing Director at Richemont

Customer data

Marketing managers need extensive data about each individual customer. Only then can they make the right decisions and develop successful strategies that convince customers to purchase.



The rules of digital marketing are changing quickly, thanks to the adoption of new channels and platforms. As a result marketing managers need new technologies and a partner who can help them stay one step ahead.


CMOs are optimising budgets and their marketing activities in real time. They are showing their value to the organisation in terms of activity, but more importantly in terms of business outcomes like leads, payments and revenue.



Marketing managers are equal partners with management, sales and e-commerce. They can only work together successfully if they have a uniform 360-degree view of customer data, hosted on a single platform.

We use Marketing Cloud to segment our audience and follow up with offers that match their interests at different stages in the sales funnel. With Einstein, we can pinpoint the best time to send communications so they’ll have the biggest impact and highest engagement rates.”


What marketing teams need today


Intuitive Tools

Creating customer journeys with the right messaging and content for each touchpoint is a complex task. Marketing teams need intuitive yet powerful tools to do this.


Work from anywhere

Instead of working with isolated individual solutions, marketing teams need a uniform platform and powerful collaboration tools to be able to work effectively with colleagues, regardless of location.


More Efficiency

In order to effectively scale all marketing activities, technologies (such as AI and marketing automation) are essential. Such tools can relieve and help marketers concentrate on the essentials and reduce costs.



New tools, methods and technologies are firmly on the agenda for teams. In order to master them quickly and react to new trends, they have to keep their skills up to date.


Discover which tools and technologies marketing experts in medum-sized companies are using to create a single, uniform view of customer data.
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Marketing managers in medium-sized companies do their best every day to deliver great customer journeys, outstanding customer experiences and successful campaigns. In order for them to increase customer loyalty and sales, they need technologies that support them effectively. With the Marketing Cloud as the world's leading marketing platform, those responsible for marketing get to know their customers better with the help of data, can plan and implement marketing campaigns across all channels and, thanks to AI support, personalize them. It's simple, fast, measurable and successful.