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Salesforce is the trusted, connected platform powering the business of healthcare and life sciences. By bringing together clinical and nonclinical data, Einstein for Health and Life Sciences helps you deliver better experiences and health outcomes by:

  • Boosting experiences with trusted, secure, and ethical AI
  • Providing hyper-personalized care services with data harmonized in a single place
  • Unlocking efficiencies and savings with automated, actionable insights
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*Any unreleased services or features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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Reimagine engagement with a 360-degree view of each patient, member, provider, and customer.


Customer 360 for Health

Scale experiences, increase efficiencies, and deliver better care with a single, holistic view of every patient, member, provider, and partner.
  • Lower costs and automate health team workflows with AI
  •  Hyper-personalize health experiences throughout care journeys with data
  • Deliver individualized care and service in real time, from anywhere
Customer 360 for Health UI Screen

Customer 360 for Providers

Build personalized patient experiences by incorporating systems and combining clinical and nonclinical customer data on one platform.
  • Collaborate easier with care teams with advanced AI
  • Create real-time patient experiences with rich data
  • Connect processes with automation to eliminate costly, repetitive tasks

Customer 360 for Pharma

Acquire, support, and engage patients throughout their health journey with a connected engagement platform.
  • Personalize the patient engagement process with AI
  • Drive patient service team collaboration with data
  • Hyperscale the product lifecycle with automation

Customer 360 for Payers

Automate health business workflows and efficiently manage member journeys from enrollment to service to care management and beyond.
  • Curate trusted health experiences with AI
  •  Connect and automate data from quote to care
  • Collaborate on a member-first data platform

Customer 360 for MedTech

Manage commercial processes, build provider relationships, and engage with patients in a more efficient, compliant, and personal way.
  • Enable curated omni-channel customer engagement with AI
  • Break silos on a collaborative life sciences platform
  • Empower efficiencies with automation

Customer 360 for Public Sector Health

Improve treatment and prevention for constituents, beneficiaries, veterans, and citizens alike.
  • Deliver faster, more connected patient experience at first contact
  • Streamline public provider, payer, and beneficiary interactions
  • Enable secure data sharing and interoperability

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