Your new contact center, in 3 easy steps

People talk, and everyday they’re talking about your company on Twitter, Google,
and Facebook. If you can’t follow these conversations, then your contact center
needs a makeover.

To date, thousands of businesses have said good-bye to their on-premises contact centers and moved to Service Cloud 2. They’re trading in forced upgrades and annual maintenance fees for exciting new tools that put them in better touch with their customers.

Joining them is easy. Follow these 3 steps to your own contact center makeover:

1. Connect with your customers on every channel

Service Cloud 2 lets you tap into customer conversations wherever they occur—including by phone, email, and chat and more modern channels like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

2. Turbo-charge your agents

Watch productivity and morale soar with Salesforce Chatter, our revolutionary new collaboration tool. With Chatter, your agents can identify experts at your company and collaborate with them in real time to resolve cases instantly. 

3. Empower your community

Help your customers help themselves by providing access to Web self-service options, including community answers, customer portals, and a customer-facing knowledge base.


Visualize your makeover with results like these

Now visualize your makeover with results like these


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