A platform that assists with campaign briefs and email executions.

Happier constituents, healthier communities on the #1 AI CRM.

Engage your constituents across channels with powerful public health solutions. Use clinical and social insights to connect constituents with the care they need for better health outcomes. Enable the most efficient use of resources to save taxpayer dollars and provide a more holistic experience. Proactively manage public health crises and build resilient communities with intelligent insights, 360-degree views, and integrated systems.

Public sector organizations drive successful health outcomes with Salesforce.

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Streamline crisis support coordination.

Engage with empathy and urgency as you organize and enact optimal, whole-person care.

  • Connect people with crisis counselors, faster. Simplify specialist operations with prebuilt tools to quickly process intake via call, chat, or text, and shorten time to care. Easily visualize metrics to track key indicators with actionable analytics. All while respecting privacy.
  • Prioritize acute cases with efficient workflows. Evaluate health risks quickly to de-escalate non-emergencies, manage critical situations, and dispatch response units on any channel with embedded surveys, triage logic, and AI-powered recommendations.
  • Promote post-crisis wellness with care continuity. Conduct bed searches and swarm with fellow community resources to confirm availability. Initiate outbound referrals, share helpful articles, and follow up with safety plans from a single system.
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Build integrated care programs.

Streamline collaboration with key partners across medical, behavioral, and social programs for top-quality services.

  • Improve access to care. Unify medical, behavioral, and social programs to ensure consistently high-quality services with our compliant, trusted, and scalable platform.
  • Integrate care delivery. Overcome fragmentations among systems of care for positive impact on care experiences and wellbeing.
  • Simplify patient engagement. Enable your workforce to engage patients and connect them with services they need for better health outcomes.
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Manage health data with transparency.

Establish a command center to proactively manage public health crises and build resilient, sustainable communities.

  • Source health data in real time. Capture public health reporting and notifiable conditions. Enable access to public health registries.
  • Visualize and gain insight into data. Monitor health trends and identity clusters. Use data to inform actions and enable public transparency.
  • Stay active on community trends. Investigate and trace communicable diseases. Assign cases for public health follow-up. Run community campaigns to promote wellness.

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Public Health Solutions FAQ

Health Cloud is a public health case management software and CRM that helps government, and public health and human service organizations to collaborate, influence better health decisions, and improve community wellness.

Salesforce provides a platform that enables government agencies and public entities to protect constituents, streamline operations, and promote health equity. With 360-views of the population and real-time data-driven insights, we help public entities engage their health constituents from anywhere.

Absolutely. Trust is at the core of all we do. For additional security, compliance, and governance, we offer Salesforce Shield, a premium in-built integrated services set into our platform and Government Cloud Plus, our compliance environment. This acts as a data center, meeting stringent compliances like DoD IL4, FedRAMP, etc.