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Connect the dots between data, insights, and better business outcomes with end-to-end analytics.

Business intelligence that boosts your bottom line.


Move fast with collaborative analytics.

Take action and keep data at the heart of every decision, right in the flow of work.

Automate insights with built-in AI.

Use intelligent predictions, recommendations, and flows to uncover real-time answers to business-critical questions.

Transform decisions for any industry.

Get started quickly with out-of-the-box accelerators and apps, purpose-built for every industry.

Power trusted data with governance.

Make secure, high-quality data available where you need it by ensuring visibility and control.

Visualise opportunities hiding in your data.

Tableau helps you see new ways to connect with customers on a deeper level. Gain valuable insights as you manage and monitor your business in real time — and next time the world changes, you’ll pivot first.

Unlock the full power of Salesforce.

Tableau enhances Customer 360 with analytics apps, dashboard templates, and seamless product connections. Teams across your entire company can easily learn more from their data right in the flow of work.

Empower teams to make data-driven decisions.

Everyone should have access to data and understand how to use it. Tableau gives your whole team an analytics platform that makes it easy to dive deep into the data, find insights, and drive your business forward.

Join a community that has your back.

More than a million peers stand ready to support you with every step you take to develop your data skills. Nurture powerful connections and learn how to do things with data that you never imagined possible.

30% Increase

With Tableau implemented, business users are more productive.*

15x More Value

With insights from analytics, companies better understand customer needs.**

23x Customers

Data-driven companies are more likely to attract and retain customers.***

Enterprise-grade analytics
anyone can use.

Tableau is the most effective way to see and understand your data. It’s also the most accessible. Give every department access to the most powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive set of analytics features available today.

AI-Powered Insights

Algorithms alone won’t help you make smarter decisions. With the help of practical applications you’ll find actionable predictions and valuable insights.

Intelligent Data Prep

Raw data must be cleaned and shaped to make sense. No matter where your data lives or what condition it’s in, Tableau can connect to it and prepare it for analysis.

Intuitive Exploration

Answer any data question with advanced visual exploration and natural language processing. Drag, drop, ask, see, and learn anything with the gold standard in data analysis.

Sharing and Collaboration

Center conversations around data to drive your business forward. Securely share insights across teams, departments, or the enterprise in Slack and in your governed data environment.

Industry-Leading Governance

Access to actionable data can help your business thrive, but only if it’s shared safely. Get the right data into the right hands with unrivaled security and powerful governance models.

Supercharge your business with enterprise analytics.

Tableau is the broadest and deepest analytics platform with the flexibility to grow as your data strategy evolves. Einstein, our industry-leading AI, is built right in — making it easy to inject data into your business culture, find insights, and achieve better outcomes.

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