Salesforce Data Mask

Provide realistic data for admins and developers to test while protecting sensitive customer information from leaks and malicious internal actors. Instead of manually securing data and access for Salesforce Sandbox orgs, use Data Mask to automatically mask sensitive customer information in full or partial copy Sandboxes.

What can you do with Data Mask?

Data Mask uses platform-native obfuscation technology to mask personally identifiable information (PII) data, avoiding costly data privacy compliance fines. The masking process lets you mask some or all sensitive data with different levels of masking, depending on the sensitivity of the information.

Instead of testing changes in a live production environment, Salesforce Sandboxes mirror production orgs to allow teams to build and test apps faster. Access is more fluid, as it is a testing environment and includes many parties, such as admins, developers, user experience, partners, and contractors. Hence, unmasked data in Sandboxes poses confidentiality risks.

Avoid costly data privacy compliance fines by enforcing least-privilege access to sensitive customer information. Data Mask accelerates compliance with privacy regulations (including FINRA and CCPA) by masking sensitive data such as PII or sales revenue. This helps protect Salesforce Sandboxes from data leaks and malicious internal actors, while reducing security review overhead.

Leverage built-in masking dictionaries to replace private data in your Salesforce Sandboxes with random characters, similarly mapped words, pattern-based masking, or deleted data. Reduce the time taken to mask a Sandbox by anonymizing only selected data. And incrementally mask new data after each Sandbox refresh.

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Data Mask FAQ

Data masking involves generating a dummy or fake, yet structurally similar, replica of your organization’s data. This duplicate serves as a viable alternative for tasks like software testing and user training, safeguarding the original data by providing a functional stand-in when the actual information isn’t necessary.

Data masking tools play a pivotal role in safeguarding sensitive information within databases. Data masking is a crucial requirement within various regulations like HIPAA, CCPA, and FINRA, safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from exposure. Masked data upholds both its structural format and integrity. This approach allows developers and testers access to the data without any risk of exposure.

Look for an individualized solution for masking that is easy to configure and has
unlimited objects. Look for a solution with multiple masking options for customization. Ensure it allows for data to be fully masked rather than adding suffixes or making data useless.