A dropdown menu has products of interest. A configurator adds products from the dropdown, and a buttons generates the quote.

Salesforce CPQ

Sell efficiently with CPQ built directly into your CRM. Help reps sell and win faster with tools and automation that simplify every step in the quote-to-close process.

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What can you do with a CPQ solution?

Help sales reach new levels of productivity with a seamless revenue management platform.

Provide structure & guardrails for reps.

Ensure error-free quotes with rules you can set for your products, like maximum or minimum amounts, exclusion and dependency rules, and pricing rules.

A configuration tool alerts a user that a product quantity exceeds a base amount rule.

Eliminate revenue leakage with discount controls that dictate discount amounts, allow you to apply proportional discounts, compound discounts and more.
A dashboard displays possible discounts of 20, 30, and 40 percent with the approvers needed for each level.

Require approvals when records meet certain conditions, automate resubmitted approvals, and control the order that approvers receive requests.
A sales rep inputs a requested discount into a workflow. The workflow shows the required approver and next steps.

Generate quotes with one click.

Prompt users with questions to narrow down the products available to select based on their responses. Helps reps quickly navigate the product catalog.
A dropdown menu allows user to select products from the catalog and flow them directly into a quote.

The configurator displays your bundle products and the options available within each product. Use the configurator to add or remove options from your bundle products.
A product configurator screen

Simplify the process of creating a quote document and sending it to the customer with pre-defined templates. The automation saves times for sales reps working in a high-volume environment.
A sales rep generates a quote in one click thanks to existing templates.

Build durable revenue with flexible business models.

Usage-based pricing lets you configure many types of tier-driven usage rates for your products and services.
Content delivery and media processing have different unit prices, one per gigabyte, the other per hour.

Automatically create a renewal opportunity and quote based on your contract so you never miss a renewal opportunity. Easily amend contracts to add or change products.
A shopping cart with zero balance is shown in one dashboard with subscription metrics in another.

Guide partner selling with automated recommendations, and collaborate directly on deals, all through the partner portal.
A quote is shown with a window to add a discount for partner sales.

CPQ Pricing

Start by selecting your Sales Cloud edition. Some editions already include CPQ right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add CPQ at these price points.


Get basic configure, price, and quote software.

$ 75
User / Month
(billed annually)
  • Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting
  • Enhanced Product Catalog
  • Out-of-the-Box Pricing Methods
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CPQ functionality plus doc generation, advanced approvals, CALM, advanced order management and more.

$ 150
User / Month
(billed annually)
  • Advanced Approvals and Order Management
  • Usage-Based Pricing
  • Document Generation
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Frequently asked questions

Revenue management is the process of optimizing every business activity in the product-to-cash cycle. This includes pricing and packaging, configure price quote, order to cash, and revenue reporting.

Revenue cycle management is important because it helps businesses sell efficiently, streamline their revenue processes, implement controls, reduce operating expenses, minimize revenue leakage, and drive profitable growth.

A revenue management platform is a software tool that helps businesses manage their pricing strategies, recurring revenue models, and sales processes. It provides automation for rules-based dynamic pricing, complex direct sales cycles, omni-channel self-service, recurring billing, and financial reporting.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. A CPQ solution is a software tool that helps businesses automate the configuration, pricing, and quoting of their products and services. It streamlines the sales process, improves controls, and accelerates deal cycles.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a software solution that manages every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle. Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a solution that helps businesses automate the configuration, pricing, and quoting of their products and services. While both tools can be used in sales processes, CRM focuses on managing the entire customer relationship, while CPQ focuses on streamlining the sales process.

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