Flow for Industries

Extend the Flow automation suite with tools purpose-built for complex industry workflows, included in select Industry Cloud base licenses.*

Simplify industry processes and integrations with no-code workflow automation tools.

Flow for Industries is a suite of task-based components and services to rapidly deliver digital-first, industry-specific experiences across multiple devices and channels.


Build guided customer experiences for industry processes across multiple channels.
  • Craft branded customer interactions with clicks, not code
  • Integrate enterprise data into processes using drag-and-drop configuration with a modular, micro-services oriented approach
  • Build and deploy UI components into processes fast creating pixel-precise, branded customer experiences
  • Simplify and accelerate sales and service automation with out-of-the-box process libraries

Business Rules Engine

Simplify complex rules and actions across industry use cases like pricing discounts, care management, or financial planning.
  • Create custome rule sets, then invoke them anywhere
  • Define decisions or actions based on a collection of rules that consider customer inputs and outputs
  • Activate Decision Tables in flows or through an API to evaluate conditions
  • Automate millions of decisions at a B2C scale

Document Generation

Automatically read and intelligently define document templates and processes.
  • Design document templates from DOCX and PPT templates with Template Designer
  • Unify the end-to-end document management process
  • Coordinate document intake by automatically routing to the right queue for quick review and processing

Data Processing Engine

Create data processing engine definitions to transform your data as needed.
  • Declaratively define high-volume data transformations
  • Set up and activate definitions quickly using data processing UI
  • Join, filter, aggregate, and compute across multiple data source
  • Run and monitor data processing engine definitions

Intelligent Document Automation

Unify end-to-end document processing to improve accurary and efficiency.
  • Automatically sort through and split documents
  • Manage all forms in one workspace, from intake to processing
  • Route documents to the right queue for processing and review
  • Upgrade to Intelligent Document Reader using AWS Textract and extract text from any document using OCR technology*

Create intelligent process automations unique to your industry.


Rapidly execute complex business processes in financial services.

  • Modernize the client onboarding experience in retail banking with document automation
  • Empower wealth advisors with connected user experiences using declarative integration tools across KYC
  • Enable digital, customer-centric insurance with automation from quote to claims.

Streamline business processes to improve outcomes in healthcare and life sciences.

  • Rapidly configure workflows to automate the management of cases, billing and claims, inventory, preauthorization, and more
  • Leverage drag-and-drop configuration to integrate external data into workflow processes creating a seamless client, patient, member, and provider experience
  • Enhance the user experience with branded portals that guide the user through tasks and interactions

Transform sales, service, factory, and supply chain process automation in manufacturing.

  • Automate workflow fast and without code for processes like claims, rebates, service-parts forecasting, quoting, and more
  • Simplify integrations to connect enterprise data across workflow processes with declarative mapping
  • Improve service levels with connected products and a differentiated brand experience for customers

Unify automotive customer, vehicle, and retail experiences with process automation.

  • Build branded and integrated dealer and customer experiences fast and without code
  • Simplify enterprise integrations and easily connect external data with drag-and-drop configuration
  • Automate workflows to sell, service, and delight across customer and vehicle lifecycles
Eighty-eight percent of manufacturers say increasing process efficiencies is a top priority. Read the Trends in Manufacturing Survey, Salesforce Insights, September 2020.

Accelerate workflows with Flow for Industries.


Automate using the power of Customer 360.

Build branded, industry-specific processes for every customer touchpoint. Leverage the strength of our platform to execute end-to-end processes across the entire customer lifecycle.

Speed your time to value.

Configure a rich, dynamic user interface with clicks to go live faster and maintain a consistent user experience across channels. Accelerate time to value with intuitive drag-and-drop, click-based tools.

Manage data with declarative integrations.

Simplify the integration of external enterprise data with workflow processes — no code required. Manage complex data structures right on our platform with declarative data mapping.

Drive customer loyalty.

Differentiate your brand experience with apps and automation that serve the right information through guided interactions. Simplify cross-channel, self-service capabilities making it easy to do business with your brand.


Transform your automation strategy today.


Industry Clouds* Enterprise Edition

Build and integrate customer experiences.

OmniStudio: 100,000 calls/org/month
Business Rules Engine: 10,000 calls/org/month


Industry Clouds* Unlimited Edition

Create more branded customer experiences.

OmniStudio: 1 million calls/org/month
Business Rules Engine: 50,000 calls/org/month


Additional OmniStudio Calls

Scale process automation with additional calls.
$ 10,000
USD/unit/month* (billed annually)
200,000 OS calls/month ($0.05/call)

Additional Business Rules Engine Calls

Automate more decisions with additional calls.
$ 10,000
USD/unit/month* (billed annually)
100,000 OS calls/month ($0.10/call)

* All per user products require an annual contract.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.

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